Sunday, 3 February 2013

Summer shoes

The past week I have been looking online a lot and I spotted these beautiful Turquoise Sandals. I got obsessed with them and I really wanted to order them. The only thing I was disappointed about was the price, they cost £14.00. It isn't bad at all, just the fact I had only £10.00 in cash and my mum said I can't order any more items online. 

On Saturday, I went shopping with my friend. We went inside New Look and I saw the same shoes. They are great fabric and good quality. I recommend them for Summer 2013 to any girl who is in love with the colour. I then saw the coral coloured sandals which were £7.99. I had enough and I really like them to, so I bought them! They are comfy and they fit nicely. I should of tried them on in the store but I was in a rush. When I got home I tried on the Coral sandals and they were fine. I'm looking forward to wearing them this Summer! 

Tip: If you are planning on wearing sandals this Spring/Summer, I would stock up on nail polish. I realized my toe nails look so bear without colour. I would paint them a light pink with the Coral sandals. It is up to you, be creative!

Tan Fringed Sandals: Click here to view at!

Turquoise Stud Strap Sandals: Click here to view at!

Coral Woven Strap Sandals: Click here to view at!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Stock up your summer wardrobe!

 Floral Stripe Top         

Cute and casual 
 Tropical Graphic Tee
 T-shirt fit for the Summer 
Elasticized Paisley Shirt
Cowgirl look. Sassy