Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sassy, summer accessories

Cute Summer 'Brown and Cream Crochet Panel Bowler Bag'. £19.99

Lace is really in this season. This bag is perfect for all occasions!
Click here to go to Newlook.com and view the item! 

Light Brown (Brown) Brown and Cream Crochet Panel Bowler Bag | 274906421 | New Look
Adorable 'White Broderie Bow Alice Band'. £2.99

I think this bow is so cute! I would wear this with any kind of casual outfit :)
Click here to go to Newlook.com and view the item!
White (White) White Broderie Bow Alice Band  | 277686510 | New Look

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Black & White

Working out - Fit into your dream bikini

Working out!

Do you want to fit into those cute shorts? Well now you can. It's called getting of your bum and making an effort! Summer is going to come by real fast so If you want your dream body or a more healthier you, then start now. Don't say you'll do it tomorrow, It's not to late and It's not to early. Just do it. 

First of all, buy all the clothes you need to workout in. Workout bottoms, shorts, tops, jumpers/sweater. Anything really. You might not even need to buy any workout clothes, you might already have some shorts and a vest top. But you certainly do need good fitting trainers. Of course, yes any girl can go running in little sandals but it's always best to run in trainers. To make sure you do change your lifestyle and achieve your goal(s), purchasing a piece of clothing that is the size you want to transform into always helps. The best type of clothing to buy for this in my opinion, would probably be a dress or swimming costume. But It is totally up to you!

Set goals, targets. Right them down where you can see them. Buy workout magazines, research on the internet. Get inspired. Read articles, watch fitness programs. Copy quotes down, believe in yourself and most important of all, tell yourself you'll never give up. 

Also an awesome idea is to buy a note book and write a workout diary. Write an entry in everyday and look back. Write how your day went, what went wrong and what went right. Improve on your workouts, change the time you wake up and go to sleep. Just keep going back and work on what you need to the most.

The next big step is to write down your workout, so you don't forget it. The best thing is that you can change it whenever you want. Start easy and gradually go harder. I would advise you to start with the workout below.

20 situps.
20 pushups
20 squats

Keep adding more numbers day by day and complete your workout everyday. If you find it to difficult, then lower the numbers down. It's fine. Many people have set their targets to high and they have just done less. You can also add jumping jacks, leg lifts, lunges, wall sits and planks. There are many more other exercises you can add to your workout. What you must never do is compare your workouts to others. This is your lifestyle and everyone started in a different place/stage. Also, remember to do some kind of cardio exercise everyday. Even if you go for a 20 minute walk, doing some kind of cardio is better than none. But please don't over do it. You might strain muscles or the next day you might not be able to workout due to how much you worked out the day before. I worked out for a month everyday and when It got to the end of February, I tried squatting but my upper thigh muscles hurt real bad. So take it easy and do what you are able to do. You can get there, you just need time.

Before your workout, remember to stretch. Stretching is very important. Yes, It takes a long time to stretch all your muscles so wake up extra early to stretch if you're planning on going to the gym or jogging. If you're working out at home, you can wake up at your normal time and stretch. Stretching is worth it, worth all that time. Warming up is also important, to get your body moving. If you workout in the evening/at night, then it is easier to stretch your muscles. In my own opinion, I prefer to stretch in the morning as my muscles have just woken up. In the evening when I stretch, my muscles are in pain and all worn out from having a busy day. It is up to you, but that is one reason why I workout in the morning more often than in the evening. 

Can I ask you to please follow 'getmydreambody' on Instagram. Her workout pictures and advise is really helpful and inspiring. I started working out because of her and she changed my life for this year. So please follow her on Instagram. Also her NEW Twitter account name is @officialgmdb 

Something you might want to try (Weather you try it before working out or when you get the hang of working out everyday) is to do Yoga. For warming up, you can stretch and then do some Yoga before your workouts. At the end of your workout, you can also cool down and do some Yoga. Here are a few clips about Yoga. You don't have to do it, but It really relives the stress.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Summer shoes

The past week I have been looking online a lot and I spotted these beautiful Turquoise Sandals. I got obsessed with them and I really wanted to order them. The only thing I was disappointed about was the price, they cost £14.00. It isn't bad at all, just the fact I had only £10.00 in cash and my mum said I can't order any more items online. 

On Saturday, I went shopping with my friend. We went inside New Look and I saw the same shoes. They are great fabric and good quality. I recommend them for Summer 2013 to any girl who is in love with the colour. I then saw the coral coloured sandals which were £7.99. I had enough and I really like them to, so I bought them! They are comfy and they fit nicely. I should of tried them on in the store but I was in a rush. When I got home I tried on the Coral sandals and they were fine. I'm looking forward to wearing them this Summer! 

Tip: If you are planning on wearing sandals this Spring/Summer, I would stock up on nail polish. I realized my toe nails look so bear without colour. I would paint them a light pink with the Coral sandals. It is up to you, be creative!

Tan Fringed Sandals: Click here to view at Newlook.com!

Turquoise Stud Strap Sandals: Click here to view at Newlook.com!

Coral Woven Strap Sandals: Click here to view at Newlook.com!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Stock up your summer wardrobe!

 Floral Stripe Top         

Cute and casual 
 Tropical Graphic Tee
 T-shirt fit for the Summer 
Elasticized Paisley Shirt
Cowgirl look. Sassy