Monday, 29 October 2012

Winter - Wooly outfits

Wooly Slipper boots.
Wooly slipper boots. 
Unknown store/brand.

I wasn't actually to sure about weather these boots were slippers or outdoor boots. I would not wear them outdoors myself, due as they would get ruined by the rain and the boots becoming damp. I would happily wear these around the house with my pg's or causal but comfortable clothing. In my own opinion I think they are super cute! One thing I would change about these 'Slipper' boots, are that the bow doesn't look so secure on the side at the bottom so I would sew them on so they don't fall off. They don't look bad quality but if they are rather cheap, I would purchase them!

Cream Faux Shearling Toggle Gilet

I found this beautiful wooly jacket online at I love this look and I would love to bring these jackets into fashion and replace cheap wooly jumpers. This jacket is worth the price, although I would purchase this item from another store due as buttons can fall off and from the past I know New-look clothing isn't exactly luxurious. I love this jumper and I would love to buy one myself! If you're feeling the same as me, click on the link below. 

Cream Gilet

Brown Faux Fur Toggle Hooded Gilet

This chocolate coloured jacket is similar the item above. As I have said, I would love to bring these jackets into fashion, they are super cute and warm the winter which is coming right around the corner! 

This jacket is thick and furry with zipped pockets to hold objects while you're out and about in the cold weather. You are able to button up your jacket with the cute, wooden buttons. Before you know it, these will be sold out so click on the link below!

Brown Jacket 

Green jeans

Demin jeans

Saturday, 1 September 2012

School shoes

Black Flower Trim T Bar Shoe - £16.00

Black Patent Loafer - £16.00




Black Fabric T Bar Shoe - £16.00 

BHS/Tammy - Order online

Belted skater dressers

Blue belted skater dress - £14.99


 Black belted skater dress - £14.99
 Red belted skater dress - £14.99

 - Belted skater dressers online at Newlook

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Summer Sandals

£25.00 - ASOS Online

"Cute, bold and comfortable"

£12.00 - River Island, Advertised on ASOS Online

"Waterproof jelly sandals, very classy"

 £55.00 - ASOS Online

"Good fit, best for looks"

£20.80 - Forever 21 Online

"Goes with any outfit, from casual to fancy!"

Saturday, 28 January 2012


Spring - Summer trend. 

Wanna look bright and seen by others? Well, here is your answer. 

African touch. 
Holiday style. 

Visit for buy or more information:

 'black print embellished lace back top.' 

Price: £25.00

'pink leopard and chain print crop top.' 

Price: £14.00

'pink leopard and chain print tank top.' 

Price: £22.00

'black tropical print top.' 

Price: £20.00